SARGEIST was born during the summer of diabolical holocaust 1999 as a clandestine solo project of Shatraug. First offering was captured at the Ruins of Cachtice entirely performed by Shatraug himself. In the year 2000 Lord Volos, the ex-drummer of BLUTRACHE, joined Shatraug and the first ritual was re-assembled. Both manifestations were released on Shatraug´s label Warmoon Records in a limited edition of 111 copies. In 2001 SARGEIST was enforced with Gorsedd Marter and Makha Karn, both of them leaving soon after​​​​​​​​… With this line-up the “Tyranny Returns” tape LP saw it´s ignition and creation, at the Ruins of Cachtice again, and led everything towards the union assembled of the brotherhood that had formed with Shatraug and Torog. In late 2001 Moribund Cult signed SARGEIST to curse this world with their depression. It was soon to be learned that SARGEIST stand timeless, entering the Heinous Path with full-hearted and soul-woven art.


In 2015 it became obvious SARGEIST could no longer continue with the line-up it had, sharing far too many members of Behexen and we mutually agreed to continue our individual paths. Shatraug left Behexen just as rest of the necromancers did to SARGEIST, only to strenghten both bands. New line-up was soon filled in with Profundus (voice), Gruft (battery), Abysmal (bass) and VJS (guitar). With this line-up the 5th full-length album “Unbound” in 2018 and the continuation EP “Death Veneration” in 2019 were unleashed. Currently we are working on a collaboration recording with labelmates Serpent Noir and our 6th full-length. Before and after, more rituals are held as darkness tears the world apart…

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